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Freedom Farms, Farmed in NZ the freedom way
Waitoa Free Range Chicken Butterfly Chipotle & Maple
$14.90 each
Price Promise
Waitoa Free Range Butterfly Chicken Honey & Rosemary
was $14.90 $12.00 each
Waitoa Chkn Btrfly Applewood 1.​1kg
was $14.90 $12.00 each
Venison Steak
$35.50 per kg
Tegel Chicken Breast Manuka Smoked 300g
$11.90 each
Riverside Farm Half Duck Deboned 280g
$13.00 each
Riverside Farm Duck Leg 160g
$8.50 each
Riverside Farm Duck Fat 360g
$6.00 each
Riverside Farm Duck Breasts 280g
was $14.50 $10.20 each
Rangitikei Free Range Chicken 1.​35kg
was $14.90 $13.00 each
Premium Game Wild Venison Red Wine & Cracked Pepper Sausage 500g
$13.50 each
Premium Game Wild Venison Osso Bucco 500g
$12.00 each
Premium Game Wild Venison Mince 500g
$11.50 each
Premium Game Wild Venison Dice 500g
$13.50 each
Premium Game Wild Pork Chorizo Sausage 500g
$13.50 each
Premium Game Wild Pork Breakfast Sausage 500g
$15.50 each
Premium Game Wild Pork Bacon 300g
$12.00 each
Premium Game Dog Roll 3.​2kg
$15.50 per kg
Prem/​Game Venison Steak BBQ
$12.90 each
Prem Game Venison Bacon
$16.50 each
was $35.90 $23.00 per kg
Pork Stirfry
$23.90 per kg
Pork Steak Scotch Fillet
was $24.90 $18.00 per kg
Pork Spare Ribs
$14.90 per kg
Pork Slices Boneless
$24.90 per kg
Pork Slices Bone In
$19.90 per kg
Pork Sirloin Steak
$24.90 per kg
Pork Scotch Fillet Steak
was $19.90 $13.90 per kg
Pork Schnitzel
$29.90 per kg
Pork Mince
$17.90 per kg
$25.90 per kg
Pork Leg Steak
$29.90 per kg
Pork Leg Roast Bone-in
$12.90 per kg
Pork Fillets
$32.90 per kg
Pestells Streaky Bacon 250gm
$9.00 each
Pestells Preservative Free Streaky Bacon 250gm
$9.50 each
Pestells Middle Bacon 600gm
$17.50 each
Pestells Bacon Pieces Random Weight
$19.50 per kg
Pestell's Streaky Bacon 500gm
$16.00 each
$18.90 per kg
Organic Topside Steak
$24.90 per kg
Organic Skirt Steak
$23.90 per kg
Organic Shin Steak
$23.90 per kg
Organic Rump Steak
$29.90 per kg
Organic Ribeye Steak Kg
$44.90 per kg
Organic Premium Beef Patties
$23.90 per kg
Organic Porterhouse Steak Kg
$41.90 per kg
Organic Lamb Steak Boneless
$47.90 per kg
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